tailored to work
around you.

We provide personal training plans to work around your lifestyle. With four one hour training sessions we will make sure we are targeting specific areas or just giving you a helping hand for that extra push and motivation. We also provide personalised nutritional plans and weekly weight and measurement checks. Whatever your needs, LM Fitness is here to help!

liam mcfarlane

personal trainer

I am Liam McFarlane, Head Coach and Owner of LM Fitness.

Whilst in the Army serving in Afghanistan in 2010 I got into fitness and due to the environment a bit of imagination was required for equipment! No matter the circumstances keeping fit was, for me and many of my army friends, hugely beneficial physically and mentally. I left the Army in 2013 and have enjoyed fitness ever since.

I decided that fitness was something I could help others with and in 2016 I qualified as a Personal Trainer, working at Pure Gym for the following 3 years, before eventually fulfilling my ambition to open my own gym in 2019.

As an extremely motivated person myself, I aim to bring out the best in all our members. My personal ambition is for everyone to enjoy the class atmosphere with other motivated, friendly members in order for them to achieve their own goals. I feel that fitness should be an enjoyable experience for everyone, regardless of level of fitness and any other personal issues which members may face whether physical or psychological.

Fitness can help everyone and LM Fitness welcomes everyone.

Steve Backhouse

personal trainer

My name is Steve Backhouse, I am happily married to my wife Sarah and father to a cheeky 2 year old girl, Ada. I am 40 years old and I am proud to have served in her Majesty’s Armed Forces in the Gulf and Bosnia. I am a full-time, level 3 Personal Trainer & Mind-fullness Coach.

I have been in coaching since 2006, starting out in small privately owned gyms and eventually moving into more functional Crossfit gym setups. I have worked in Crossfit coaching for 10 years+ now and was privileged to be part of a team that competed in the Crossfit Regionals 2012 in Copenhagen.

My passion is endurance based events, my peers will no doubt say I’m the idiot that likes to go extreme and I train and live for cycling and mountain sports.

My favourite thing about being a coach is mentoring people and watching their journey blossom, their mindset change and there is nothing more satisfying than watching someone smash and achieve their goals and dreams.

I have been working at LM Fitness for just over 18 months and love the welcoming atmosphere that has been created. It’s a special place that’s so rewarding to come to everyday. We care about each member like family.